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Family and friends have the difficult task of choosing the appropriate professional care for their mother, father, partner or friend. Caregivers often feel guilty, powerless, tired and sad. The roles have reversed: partner, friend, mother or father becomes the one in need of caring.

We deem it necessary to communicate closely with family and friends, to listen to their fears and needs. In order to assure optimal care, tailored to each person’s individual needs, it is important to search together for the meaning of an unfinished word, an anger-attack or even unbridled joy. Family and friends tell us personal stories, based on their own experiences.


We, then, try to provide care in alignment to their stories in order to create a continuum, where possible. For a mutual relationship of trust to grow and flourish between relatives and staff, formal and/or informal meetings regularly take place. Either party can take the initiative to do so.


There is also a partner group, where partners of deceased as well as partners of current residents can meet and find support. Professional guidance is provided on a regular basis.

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