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From the early beginnings, Huis Perrekes has worked towards its ambition to develop a care framework from a broad ethical, socio-cultural and spatial perspective.


To that end, Huis Perrekes engages in a continuous dialogue with all partners, including the official authorities, thus realising a constantly renewing impulse. This way, the concept of living in integrated care can evolve, enrich and ameliorate.


The continuum of care can act as an example for other organisations, based on inclusive care embedded in the spatial development of a town or a city. All the while, the focus is on providing appropriate responses to societal developments, in particular the care and support for people with dementia as well as coping with an ageing population.


Furthermore, it offers the opportunity par excellence to delve into the intrinsic meaning of architecture to the residential and living environment, especially for and about people with dementia. Thanks to its innovative character, its scientific substantiation and its embedding in spatial planning on both a small and large scale, the care-concept of Huis Perrekes makes for an interesting research topic both at home and abroad, as well as for an exchange between various sectors.


The philosophy lives and evolves constantly. It remains the subject of discussion, exchange and study with all the partners.
There is opportunity for educational visits and work placements.

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