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PERREKES permanent wonen

Permanent residence

In each of the three houses of Huis Perrekes fifteen people reside and live together until the end of life.

They share their joys and sorrows, each according to his own wishes and remaining abilities. It has been a deliberate choice to make the group heterogeneous with regards to the different stages of dementia, age and social background.

There are two flats on the first floor of the Villa for people with dementia, with or without their respective partner. Both flats are equipped with all the basic facilities and a special view. The residents are welcome to use the common facilities of the Villa in order to live as long, as sheltered and as independent as possible.


Huis Perrekes exists since 1986. The continuum of care seeks to bring together residence, care and personalised support for people with dementia, regardless age and until the end of life.
In other words, it implies residing and living accustomed to each individual’s needs until the very end. This happens in an ordinary house, in an ordinary street, in an ordinary town.

We consciously use the word ‘house’ with the specific intention of stressing the interplay between the surrounding material and immaterial environment which contains, holds, supports and eventually lets someone go.
The ‘house’ protects and supports. It invites residents to experience their lives as meaningful and to assume meaningful roles for as long as possible.

The process of dying is an inherent part of life and is experienced in every house by everyone involved. Care and support are intensified. The dying person is cared for, whilst the ritual of the candle next to the photo and text in the entrance hall symbolises that someone is either dying or has passed away.

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