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Each house, as well as the Villa, has an autonomous, multi-disciplinary team that maps out an interdisciplinary way.

Each team is headed by one person in charge and consists of care givers, nurses, an occupational therapist, an educational therapist, a music therapist, a physiotherapist and a general practitioner.

Moreover, cleaning personnel and gardeners oversee the maintenance of both the houses and the garden.

Everyone observes, listens, perceives and contributes, using their own expertise and personal experience. The various disciplines constantly interact and complement each other. All observations and concerns are subsequently shared during meetings, either during daily briefings or weekly team meetings. Concise and uniform agreements are made, each adapted to the specific needs of every person with dementia. This offers the greatest possible guarantee of a safe, sheltered and structured framework in which residents are at once encouraged to build upon their abilities and supported when needed.

Searching for a professional attitude is a fascinating challenge as well as an interesting balancing act. Proper care and support accustomed to people with dementia and their family is inextricably bound with proper care and support accustomed to each professional. Experience tells us this way of cooperation offers each member of staff an opportunity to grow.


Aside from the weekly team meetings, each team is provided with professional guidance and coaching. Staff members in charge of a team are offered individual supervision.

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